International Women’s Day!!!

By March 8, 2021Opšte

Do we live in a society of equality? Do you think that every single one of us has the same rights guaranteed by birth… regardless of, let’s say, gender?
As much as we all want that to be true, the reality is indeed different. In spite of the fact that International Women’s Day is dedicated to the fight for economic, political, and social equality of women, we’re not near enough to fully accomplish even one of those three.
Unfortunately, in many countries, women are still facing violation of some of their basic human rights. In some countries, those rights are guaranteed by law, but, in reality, they are not enforced. In some regions, women cannot make decisions about their bodies… In fact, they can, but ‘’something’’ always comes in the way of getting an abortion. Some of the current problems include sexual and domestic violence, lower pay, etc.
But one shouldn’t be discouraged… Back in the day, education wasn’t allowed to women. Once, they didn’t have the right to work. They had the same rights as kids did. Then, they couldn’t have a driving license. They didn’t have the right to vote. However, with the help of others that realized the injustice, and with strong persistence, we have come all this way.
We still have a lot ahead of us if we truly want to achieve equality. We will succeed only if everyone from the community we live in plays an active role in supporting human rights in women.
Happy International Women’s Day!