River side of Niš

By October 3, 2020ComeToNis, Opšte

With all its hospitality and warmth Nis will enchant every visitor. And, one place, in particular, has to be on everyone’s itinerary.
If you were to ask Nis’s citizens which part of the city they’d show to somebody, it’s highly possible that most of them would proudly present the Nis Riverside as one of the best places in town.

The part of the riverside that is located in the city center has marked the teenage and university days of many (people). Here are afterparties that last till dawn being organized all the time. There you can chill with your friends (at noon). Even the sweltering summer days are beautiful if you spend them in the ‘’Sedmi Juli’’ park which partly covers our riverside.

Also, we have to emphasize a part of the riverside which is very popular among the young. ‘’Amfi’’ has gained its name because it looks like a real amphitheater / has gained its name because of its look – ‘’amfi’’ is in Serbian short for amphitheater. That place is a self-sufficient story, moreover, it is embedded in many stories of the young people in Nis. At night, there can often be heard (sounds of) a guitar or a Bluetooth speaker.
A famous hip-hop festival – ‘’Dodji na Amfi’’, which has a history of over a decade, takes place at this part of the riverside. Alongside having lots of fun and listening to good music of course, here are //being promoted// some of the fundamental democratic values //being promoted//.

Near the amphitheater of the riverside, there is a true cultural treasure named Oficirski dom. It was put under the county’s protection in the seventies and has a significant historical importance. Its showrooms play a very important role in the cultural life of Nis. The multimedia capacity is well-used for artistic and literary exhibitions and fairs, concerts; and for many historical and cultural presentations. Everyone who visits Nis regardless of the time of the year will enjoy the offer of the Oficirski dom.

One might say that Nis is a city with a soul!/ Nis truly is a city with a soul! There is?/are? formality and leisure subtly permeated. That can be best seen along the Nisava river. We’re awaiting you!